Force Tensiometer – K20

The flexible tensiometer for basic quality assurance

Our Force Tensiometer – K20 is a robust, semi-automatic instrument for the precise measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension. Using the ring and plate method as the main tensiometric methods, it produces reliable measurements for the routine quality assurance of your surfactant solutions and interfacial processes.

Tasks and applications

  • Determination of the effectiveness of wetting media
  • Checking the surfactant content in solutions below the critical micelle concentration (CMC)
  • Tank clearance and cleaning validation in the foodstuffs industry
  • Measurement of interfacial tension for the quality assurance and optimization of emulsifiers
  • Decomposition product content in oils according to ASTM D‑971.

Measuring methods and options

  • Surface tension using the ring and plate method
  • Interfacial tension using the ring and plate method
  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring tear-off method
  • Testing of transformer oils in accordance with ASTM D‑971
  • Measuring the density of liquids
  • Measurement from ‑10 to 90 °C, temperature measurement with internal sensor