Thermal Conductivity Meters

Fox Series Heat Flow Meters

Our Instruments are reliable, easy-to-use, durable thermal conductivity measurement equipment. Each of our FOX heat flow meters combines advanced sophistication with over 20 years of superior engineering. Search our lineup of thermal conductivity instruments.

The thermal conductivity of a specimen is determined by measuring the heat flux, specimen thickness, and temperature difference across the specimen. In each component of the thermal conductivity equation FOX Instruments provide extremely precise readings, .6mV resolution on integrating high output heat flux transducers, 0.001” precision in thickness measurement, and 0.01°C temperature control and resolution. Each of these individual measurements is an order of magnitude more accurate than any other currently used in thermal conductivity measurement. They combine to provide the most accurate results of any heat flow meter instrument commercially available. When using our high accuracy calibration standard mode, FOX Instruments challenge and exceed the accuracy of the enormously time consuming, operator dependent, and expensive guarded hot plates.


General Purpose Heat Flow Meters

Thermal conductivity defines a material’s ability to transfer heat. Its precise and accurate measurement  is critical for any process or material, experiencing large or fast temperature gradients, or for which the tolerance for temperature changes is exacting. Accurate values are essential for modeling and managing heat, whether the component of interest is called on to insulate, conduct, or simply withstand temperature changes. Information about these properties are routinely used in heat transfer models of all complexities. Thermophysical property measurements also reflect important information about material composition, purity and structure, as well as secondary performance characteristics such as tolerance to thermal shock.

Our Heat Flow Meters DTC Series and Fox 50 Series provide the solution to a highly diverse set of testing needs for the direct measurement, according to a large number of ASTM, ISO and EN standard methods, of thermal conductivity of low to medium conductivity materials.